Cleaning Your Septic Tank

Periodically, you may decide that your septic tank needs cleaning.   Although the tank does a remarkable job of disposing of liquid and solid waste for years, it may show signs of trouble one day.  Typical problems are an appearance of water above the tank or field lines or an odor present during times of heavy usage.

What causes this?   Most things decompose in the tank, but grease can build up sometimes.  It can clog the system as it accumulates at the top of the tank.   Some homes have a grease trap that is designed to trap the grease from the kitchen drain.  Sometimes, this will clog and need to be cleaned.

Sometimes, tree roots get into the tank or lines and prevent proper drainage.   They can actually travel many yards through the lines and must be removed.

There are occasions in which the piping within the septic tank could be stopped-up or they may have become mis-placed in the tank.   In order to determine if this is the case, the tank would need to be pumped and cleaned.